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Mathematical Agency

Improvement Community

A Lesson Study Network

Abolishing the phrase "I'm not a math person."

Since Fall 2016, the Center for Research on Equity and Innovation at the High Tech High Graduate School of Education has brought together 21 elementary, middle and high schools from across Southern California to improve student agency and learning outcomes in math, particularly for students from traditionally marginalized groups. The network has used Lesson Study to test, refine and spread student-centered classroom practices that build learning communities where students experience a sense of belonging and develop their mathematical identities. 

Participating Schools​

San Diego MET

Vista High School

Ingenium Schools

Vista Magnet

Middle School 

High Tech High Schools


Jefferson Middle School

Discovery Charter School


Isana Academies

Chula Vista Hills

Vista Innovation &

Design Academy


Global Vision Academy

This work is generously supported by: KnowledgeWorks

Jobs for the Future, the Nellie Mae Foundation, the Overdeck Family Foundation, and the Oak Foundation. 

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