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Anticipate & Plan


Planning the Lesson and Anticipating Student Thinking

After laying the groundwork for the research lesson during the Research & Clarify phase, lesson study teams design a lesson in which students will be introduced to the new learning (the mathematical understanding goal). The second step is to anticipate what their focus students might say and/or do during the lesson. The team uses these predictions to develop questioning strategies to facilitate student discussion. Teams also use the Culturally Responsive Cognitively Demanding task rubric to refine their task to be more culturally responsive. Finally, the team develops a data collection plan to closely follow a focal student's thinking throughout the lesson and then conducts a mock lesson to test it out! 


Links to agendas teams can use to guide them through these steps of the research lesson study cycle are below:

What is Lesson Study?
  • Components of a research lesson
  • Agendas for lesson study teams
Gather & Organize
  • Assemble the willing!
  • Set norms 
  • Choose meeting times
  • Administrator support
Gather & Organize
Research & Clarify
  • Hopes and Dreams for Students
  • Identify strengths & funds of knowledge
  • Determine a research question and theory of action
  • Determine a content and an equity goal
Research & Clarify
Anticipate & Plan
  • Plan the research lesson
  • Anticipate student thinking
  • Conduct a mock lesson!
Anticipate & Plan
Observe & Collect Data
  • Closely observe a focal student and collect data on their thinking
Observe & Collect Data
Debrief & Look at Student Work
  • What did focus students say or do? 
  • How well did the lesson achieve the content & the equity goals?
Reflect & Share

To view videos from research lessons including an overview of the research team inquiry process, visit our memorialization blog posts from some of our public research lessons:


We are grateful to JFF, KnowledgeWorks, and the Student-Centered Learning Research Collaborative and its funders for their support. Learn more at

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