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Research Lesson Debrief


Debriefing the Research Lesson!

After the lesson the research team meets to debrief. First the team member who taught the research lesson has the opportunity to reflect on how they feel the lesson went, followed by the team members sharing data from their observations. Using their observation notes and student work samples as well as insights from the content and equity commentators, the team discusses the following prompts.


What are we learning about: 

  • The mathematical concept?

  • Student thinking about the mathematical understanding goal?

  • Equitable teaching & pedagogy?

  • Our research question?

  • Our theory of action?

  • What do individual team members want to implement in their own practice?

  • What is going to happen tomorrow?

These prompts can be found in the final meeting agenda below. 

What is Lesson Study?
  • Components of a research lesson
  • Agendas for lesson study teams
Gather & Organize
  • Assemble the willing!
  • Set norms 
  • Choose meeting times
  • Administrator support
Gather & Organize
Research & Clarify
  • Hopes and Dreams for Students
  • Identify strengths & funds of knowledge
  • Determine a research question and theory of action
  • Determine a content and an equity goal
Research & Clarify
Anticipate & Plan
  • Plan the research lesson
  • Anticipate student thinking
  • Conduct a mock lesson!
Anticipate & Plan
Observe & Collect Data
  • Closely observe a focal student and collect data on their thinking
Observe & Collect Data
Debrief & Look at Student Work
  • What did focus students say or do? 
  • How well did the lesson achieve the content & the equity goals?
Reflect & Share

To view videos from research lessons including an overview of the research team inquiry process, visit our memorialization blog posts from some of our public research lessons:


We are grateful to JFF, KnowledgeWorks, and the Student-Centered Learning Research Collaborative and its funders for their support. Learn more at

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