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Profile of a Graduate in Math

Work Collaboratively

  • Bring joy and passion to their work

  • Work in diverse groups

  • Include all voices - step up, step back

  • Empathize and show compassion

  • Use restorative practices to resolve conflict

  • Seek and use feedback from others

  • Use fair processes to reach group consensus

Communicate Effectively

  • Listen to understand

  • Explain their thinking and reasoning 

  • Connect to each other's thinking

  • Disagree respectfully 

  • Use multiple modes of communication effectively

  • Adapt to meet the needs of the audience

Think Creatively

  • Engage in divergent thinking 

  • Take risks in their learning 

  • Views mistakes as opportunities to learn

  • Are open to new ideas and exploration 

  • Value and seek out multiple perspectives

  • Think flexibly and design their own solutions to problems

Think Critically & 

Solve Complex Problems

  • Pose meaningful questions

  • Break down complex problems

  • Evaluate ideas and sources for validity, relevance, and impact

  • Reason through evidence and use it to support reasoning

  • Use critique to improve their own ideas and the ideas of others

Develop Academic


  • Advocate for themselves and others

  • Feel a sense of belongingness in math 

  • Believe they can grow their intelligence with effort and support

  • Pursue work of value and purpose 

  • Set, monitor, and reflect on learning goals

  • View challenges and set backs as learning opportunities and persist

Master Core

Academic Content

  • Foundational skills rooted in conceptual understanding

  • Grows in understanding of key concepts for each grade level as identified by the Common Core State Standards

  • Demonstrates and grows in Mathematical Practices 

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